How to Rent Redwood Raks

Redwood Raks World Dance Studio is available for your classes, rehearsals, workshops, meetings, parties, weddings, performances and many other special events.

We don't have a special "non-profit rate" because we find that just about all of our renters are non-profits or individuals with hardly any budget and so we keep our rates super low for everyone. :-)


  • Ongoing Dance Classes between 5-10pm weekdays or anytime on the weekend are $20 per hour
    Rehearsals between 5-10pm weekdays are also $20/hr

  • Ongoing Dance Classes before 5pm on weekdays are $15/hr

  • Workshop rate is $25/hr for regular studio renters, $30/hr for community members

  • Rehearsal / Private Lesson / Practice rate is $10/hr

  • Video shoots, photo shoots, summer camps and intensives are $15/hr ($12/hr for 10+ hrs in one week). Add $20 for use of theatre lights.

  • Friday Night dance parties are $100 (starting after 7:30pm) or $50 if you book 6 or more in a calendar year.

  • Saturday Night Dance Parties are $150 (starting after 6:00pm) or $100 if you book 6 or more in a calendar year.

  • Half Day Rental (either 8am-5pm OR 4pm to midnight) is $150

  • Full Day Rental (8am - midnight) is $300 (Saturdays & Sundays only, with 4 months advance notice)

  • Concert or Show: Our space is great for dance recitals and productions needing a nice big floor and seats for about 150. It's $250 for use of space including lights for a Saturday (for 1 or 2 shows). Add a Sunday Matinee for $150. Use of 2nd studio for dressing room is $100 (per show, starting 1 hr before your show time). Sound system set up is $50/show. Dress / Tech Rehearsals are $25/hr. Often can do rehearsals prior Sunday and/or Friday before show (busy during week). Light/sound Tech is $15/hr (or you can provide your own tech after they are oriented to our space/equipment). You may be able to set up at least partially on Friday. We will try to work with you to fit the vision of your event! 

The RENTAL POLICY DETAILS are right here. Please read them carefully for details on rental rates and all sorts of other good info.

​After you've read it, here are the Rental Application forms:

  • RENTAL APPLICATION for classes, rehearsals, meetings, workshops, private practice: 
    :: PDF ::: DOC :::

  • RENTAL APPLICATION for special events, parties, dance concerts, musical events, performances and gatherings:
     ::: PDF ::: DOC :::


  • The INSURANCE company many of our teachers use is Do research and choose well!
    It's your responsibility to provide annual evidence of insurance, or when requested. Really!

  • You are responsible for paying your rent monthly (not weekly) and must give TWO WEEKS NOTICE or rent is always due.

  • $20/hour for classes, $25/hour for workshops, $10/hour for rehearsals.

  • Cash, checks to Redwood Raks, PayPal to

  • You need to abide by the SHOE POLICY and be sure shoes are clean that enter.

  • Dust mop floor at end of class.

  • End 2-3 minutes before the end of your class time so that the next class may begin on time.

  • Clear away any debris / items from your class.

  • There is a $10/month studio fee to help cover maintenance and care of the space. You can pay the $ or trade an hour of work a month.

This is the first studio when you enter the building. It's 40'x60' with hardwood floors, stereo, 6'x40' mirror (with curtain to close over it), long ledge, tables and chairs, remote control party lights (and mirrorball).

This is the room that shows happen in, and is where we can have live drumming and live music. 

This is the space that we usually have kids Birthday Parties in. It may be the best space for your event, and may be the only 
option depending on what else is happening at the studio. It's a fantastic 40'x40' space with hardwood floors, 6'x40' mirror, stereo, TV, tables, chairs, remote control party lights (and mirrorball) and a lobby that may be used for parties, too. No loud drums in this room!