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Upcoming Events

upcoming evens
Get your tickets for the 4th annual Humboldt Latin Dance Festival

Live Bands, 20+ Workshops in many latin dance styles, DJ dance parties and More

Tickets are sold online HERE

Monthly events
* Live music Folk Dancing party with Humboldt Folk Dancers every First Friday of the month.
* Latin dance socials every Third Friday of the month

There are also tango milongas, special events by Monday Night Swing and Redwood Fusion, belly dance haflas and so much more! 

You can also check for upcoming events on these teacher and group Facebook pages:

Redwook Raks Collective

Arcata Rueda (Cuban Salsa)
Dance with Debbie

Humboldt Capoeira
Humboldt Dance Community
Humboldt Folk Dancers

Monday Night Swing
Redwood Fusion Partner Dance
Rocio Crista
l Samba

Salsa At 6:00  Salsa and Bachata
Tango Redwoods

West African Drum & Dance
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