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Redwood Raks Collective Volunteers

Volunteering at Redwood Raks!
There are many ways that you can help keep Redwood Raks a vibrant community-driven space, and we would love to have your help! Contact a board member or fill out our form to volunteer.
Here are a few ideas for things volunteers could do:

Special Events
  • volunteer at festivals and special events

  • help with planning fundraising, parties and special events

  • decorate the space

  • set up and take down at events

  • get the word out about events on social media

  • post flyers in the community

Help out around the studio
  • participate in painting and work parties

  • help with gardening and landscaping projects

  • get a good workout by mopping a studio or cleaning a 40' mirror every once in awhile!

Help with the Donation Depot - Everything in this store was donated to provide funds for scholarships!
  • Donate new condition items

  • Work in the store

  • Shop in the store! 

Participate in a committee or work group!
We would like to thank our current committee volunteers:

Program Committee: Cailan Halliday (Chair), Julie Hayes, Jack Lewis, Linnea Mandell, ShoshannaBrennan Smith,  Debbie Weist

Scholarship Committee: Linnea Mandell  (Chair), Brian Draeger, Julie Hayes, Stacey Jones, Jamie Kealia, Dominic Romano, Jason Slyter, Debbie Weist

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