Redwood Raks Collective Board of Directors

The following are board members elected into office in April of 2020. Board meetings will occur on the third Thursday of each month.

PRESIDENT – Julie Hayes
  • Provide board leadership, coordinate and organize board meetings

  • Work with board members and leaders to develop meeting agendas & related materials

  • Promote cooperation and collaboration among board officers, coordinators, committees

  • Work with board members and community leaders on strategic planning

  • Help guide board actions for organizational priorities, governance, consensus building

  • Monitor financial planning and reports

  • Participate in committees and work groups as needed


VICE PRESIDENT – Craig Kurumada
  • Substitute for President as needed

  • Assist President and Secretary with organizational duties

  • Work with President and community leaders on strategic planning

  • Participate in committees and work groups as needed

  • Lead annual evaluation of the Board toward achieving the organization’s mission

  • Develop and implement transition plans for new board members in collaboration with the Nominating Committee


SECRETARY – Tamra James
  • Take meeting minutes and make them available to board members and the community

  • Organize and maintain records on Google Drive

  • Maintain and update master database (or this task could be delegated to a separate person)

  • Schedule meetings and work with President to develop meeting agendas

  • Organize passwords and logins to all accounts and social media, making info available to all board members in a convenient place

  • Make sure that board members and committees have the information needed to do their jobs


TREASURER – Linnea Mandell
  • Collect rent from building users and pay rent to building owners

  • Pay utility, insurance, ASCAP, and other bills

  • Balance checkbook for the Collaborative’s general account

  • Provide financial information to Accountant on a regular basis

  • Work with financial committee to create, update, and monitor budget

  • Acknowledge donations (or delegate and oversee completion)

  • Coordinate with Financial Committee regarding fundraising efforts


  • Enter financial transactions into financial recordkeeping system

  • Provide financial reports for the board and the community

  • Work with financial committee to create and update budget

  • Provide financial data as needed for grant or loan applications and state and federal reports

  • Stay in contact with Financial Committee regarding fundraising efforts

  • Act as board liaison to the Program Committee

  • Work with Program Committee to develop & implement scheduling policies and requirements

  • Work with Program Committee to plan and schedule classes, activities, and larger events

  • Update online schedule of building use

  • Develop and manage rental agreements for all building users

  • Manage insurance verification forms for all building users

  • Act as board liaison to the Building and Site work group

  • List and prioritize maintenance and remodeling projects

  • Coordinate and oversee cleaning and custodial work

  • Work with Financial Committee to estimate costs and budget for maintenance & remodeling


  • Act as board liaison to the community, and/or delegate as appropriate

  • Work with Shoshanna to update and build Redwood Raks Collective web site

  • Work with Publicity & Community Outreach Committee to monitor and update social media, conduct community outreach, and form partnerships with community organizations

  • File Articles of Incorporation and update as needed

  • Maintain Bylaws and coordinate updates and additions as needed

  • File annual reports with the State of California and the IRS

  • Work with Secretary to file copies of all legal documents on the Google site

  • Have familiarity with articles and bylaws to note their applicability during meetings

  • Work with interested board members to develop Policies and Procedures for the organization

Currently our Board of Directors is full, but we welcome you to volunteer and participate in Redwood Raks!
Please use the Volunteer button below to fill out our Volunteer form and someone will be in touch soon.

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