Donors... Thank you!

Donors added in June 2020

Drew Bost

Michele Kamprath

Roxane Heiob

Saturday Contemporary Dance Class

Erik Rez (again)

Online Ballet Class with Julie Hayes

Athena Rosette

Rose Slauson

Ken McCanless

Nick Vasquez

Cathy Chandler-Klein (again)

Liane Montano

Leslie Rohan


Erik Rez (again)

Simone Groves

Lia Groeling

Lynn C. Fellion


Danielle DeMartini

Sarah Marina

Hannah Crabb

Allison Bronson
Andi Tarantino

Donors added in May 2020

Janet Whitworth again! :-)
Joel Sonenshein

Erik Rez

Donors added 4/23/20:

Kathy La Forge

Dick LaForge

Sandra Sommer

David Bradley

Cyn Van Fleet

Ned Harwood

Heather Scharlack
Teri Vodden

Thank you to the wonderful people who have contributed to our Keep-The-Studio-Going during this pandemic.  We have exceeded our $5,800 goal and have raised over $6,000 to keep the studio going over these months with no income coming in. We appreciate you!
If you would like to donate to our Go Fund Me campaign, visit:

Donors added in April 2020

Judith Rose

Jolene Hayes

Melissa Cortez

Laura Shepherd

Lesa Coleman

Tani Sebro

Anne Howard
Lucera Love

Michelle Haggerty

Julie Hayes

Salsa at 6:00 Fridays in Arcata

Oona Smith

Brian Draeger 

Donors added in March 2020:

Taylor Daley

Ben Shoemaker

Heyley Connors-Keith

Maria Delgado


Gail Kenny

Jose Moreno

Ann Bost
Ilyn Thongkam

Jennifer Hanson
Drew Bost

Jack Lewis

Heather Kenny

Catherine McNally

Keenan Hilton

Holly Sage

Marla Joy

Humboldt Folk Dancers

Jeni Corsich

Susan Neander

Stephanie Perrett

Chubritza International Folk Band

Lianne Montano-Tuter
Lynn Camille Fellion
Lisa Hoyt
Jude Zyskowski
Deva Wheeler
Lisa Zystro
Carl Mize
Linnea Mandell
Seannie Fennelly
Jessica P
Libby Yee
Cathy Chandler-Klein
Craig Kurumada
Susan Butler
Erik Peterson
Daniel Chandler
Meryl Krause
Rick and Wendy Turk
Janet Whitworth
Natalie Reid
Ruth M Brown
Wesley Chesbro

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