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Redwood Raks Collaborative Committees and Work Groups

Program Committee - Cailan Halliday, Chair
  • develop rental agreements for classes and events

  • develop and implement scheduling policies and requirements

  • schedule ongoing classes and activities

  • plan and schedule special events and festivals

  • maintain online calendar of studio use

  • oversee release of liability forms

  • manage insurance

Financial Committee - Linnea Mandell, Chair
  • make and maintain annual budget

  • track income and expenses

  • prepare IRS reports

  • conduct financial long-term planning

  • coordinate fundraising activities, grants

  • coordinate with subgroups maintaining their own budgets, e.g. Latin Dance and Fairy festivals

  • coordinate with Scholarships & Volunteers Work Group

Building and Site Work Group - Thom Boswell, Chair
  • plan and coordinate building maintenance

  • plan and coordinate remodeling projects

  • coordinate physical setup for events

  • arrange for janitorial services

  • arrange for yard maintenance services

Publicity and Community Outreach Committee - Chair needed
  • update community on board activities

  • provide opportunities for community input to board

  • conduct outreach about events using social media

  • conduct outreach & coordination with other community organizations

  • produce monthly Redwood Raks newsletter

  • maintain Redwood Raks web site

  • work w/ Secretary to maintain and update master mailing list

Non-Profit Organization and Legal Stuff Committee - Craig Kurumada, Chair
  • draft articles of incorporation

  • draft and update bylaws

  • draft vision and mission statements

  • maintain liability insurance

  • register and pay dues to governmental entities

Scholarships Committee - Linnea Mandell, Chair
  • coordinate fundraising for scholarships

  • plan and oversee work exchange opportunities

  • coordinate schedule and concessions for Donation Depot

  • train and organize volunteers

  • screen scholarship applications and grant scholarships

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