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The Teachers of Redwood Raks World Dance Studio

Redwood Raks World Dance Studio has an amazing group of independent instructors that rent our space to offer their programs.
Please contact them directly and/or visit their websites and Facebook Pages to learn more about their classes and events.

Rex Atienza Rex Atienza
Kids Break Dancing and Break-a-Sweat Hip Hop Workout. Director of the Humboldt Rockers.
707.832-3307 • Find Humboldt Rockers on Facebook
Rex Atienza
Humboldt Capoeira,
Led by Mestre Canguru of Brazil.
Find Humboldt Capoeira on Facebook
Rex Atienza Mimi Law
Latin Dance Workout!
Rex Atienza
Jack Lewis ~ Salsa Rueda
- Facebook -
Rex Atienza

Cailan Halliday,
fearless leader of
Monday Night Swing
- Facebook -

Rex Atienza
Heather Plaza ~
West African Dance
Rex Atienza Daphne
Music Arts Arcata!
Musical Theater Classes for Kids
- website -
Rex Atienza
Salsa at Six
led by Miss Julie & Debbie Weist

Julie & Pablo pictured here!
- Facebook -
Rex Atienza Shoshanna ~
Belly Dance, Creative Dance for Kids
707.616.6876 • dance@shoshannaland.comwww.shoshannaland.com
Rex Atienza
Redwood Coast Soo Bahk Do,
led by Teri Vodden

- Facebook -
Rex Atienza Barbara and Lee Sobo
Tango del Sol
Argentine Tango
- website -
Rex Atienza
Maria Vanderhorst,
Samba Na Chuva
Teacher of Samba

Rex Atienza Ann Youmans ~
Zumba & Zumba Toning
Rex Atienza
Kellie Johnson -
Beginning Hip Hop for Adults
(707) 702-1023, Facebook
Rex Atienza Cynthia Sarasvati McCloud
Coordinator of
Mystic Wave Ecstatic Dances
Sunday mornings and
Mystic Dance offered
monthly on Saturday evenings
- Facebook -
Daruka Das
Leader of Redwood Fusion
Partner Dances
707.499.1910, Facebook
Rex Atienza Karen Echegaray
Zumba for adults and for kids
916.580.8504, Facebook
Rex Atienza
Anson Smith & Amy Tetzlaff,
Coordnatorst / teachers of the Arcata Playhouse Stiltwalking Classes for kids
www.ArcataPlayhouse.org, 707.822.1575




Redwood Raks World Dance Studio
is at 8th & L Streets, Arcata, CA 95521 in the Old Creamery Building
(707) 616-6876 • dance@shoshannaland.com