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swingParties at Redwood Raks

Redwood Raks is a great venue for Birthday Parties
and other kinds of celebrations!

For all parties, our space features:
- 40'x60' hardwood floor studio (our Jade Studio is the one available to rent)
- 40' long, 6' tall mirror (please close curtain if you don't want to check for fingerprints at the end)
- easy free parking
- stereo that can handle your CD's, ipod, laptop, phone or other device with an aux cable
- remote control party lights including a Mirror Ball, Christmas lights and some fun disco party lights
- long ledge often used for presents and food
- plenty of 6' rectangle and 4' circle folding tables
- benches
- lots of metal folding chairs
- cool wooden risers that can be moved around in interesting ways

Usually families just bring food, a bunch of balloons,
and a great soundtrack to make a fabulous Dance Party for all their friends!



    Any 2 hour block of time between 12pm and 5pm on Saturdays or between 12pm and 4pm on Sundays
    Includes set up and take down before/after your party. Room for plenty of guests of all ages.
    Add an extra hour for $40. Families please take garbage and recycling (we have limited space)

  • EVENING PARTY - $150
    The space is yours for a "half day" 5pm - midnight, with any party activity done by 11:00pm.
    No wild or loud parties. Additional $15/hr fee for site manager will be assessed for the actual hours of your party.
    Please plan to take away garbage and recycling (we have limited space)

  • HOSTED PARTIES - Starts at $250
    These are amazing THEMED parties hostessed by Shoshanna in our Bella Studio, which is magically transformed to a fantasy wonderland with dress-up, facepainting, dancing, creative play, tea parties, and amazing whimsical fun. All the details are at www.shoshannaparty.com


  • $50 - Hire the Humboldt Rockers or a Hip Hop teacher to come teach a little dance class at your party and get the dance party started!
    We also have LOTS of other dance style teachers / performers available. Let us know your ideas!

  • $50 - For young children, have a short Creative Dance class to lead kids on all sorts of fun movement games!

  • Invite a Fairy, Pirate, Princess or Wizard to your party to make an appearance and dazzle your party goers! $50 for 20 minutes, $100 for 1 hour
    All the details are at www.shoshannaparty.com

  • FREE - Add our kids sized hula hoops, ring toss and scarves to dance with

  • $10 - CRAFTY AREA - I have plenty of coloring sheets, stickers, crayons, construction paper, scissors, glue sticks and pens avaible to make a fun little arts and crafts table at your event. Contact us to discuss your needs!

  • We really encourage ZERO WASTE EVENTS. If you'd like to borrow or rent plates/dishes please let us know!
    FREE - borrow them, wash them, return them within 2 days. Refundable $20 deposit. - or -
    $20 - rent them and leave them for us to wash.
    FREE - borrow them, wash them, return within 2 days. Refundable deposit of $10 for 1, $5 each additional - or -
    $5 each ... rent them and leave them for us to wash.


Redwood Raks World Dance Studio
is at 8th & L Streets, Arcata, CA 95521 in the Old Creamery Building
(707) 616-6876 • dance@shoshannaland.com